Currently, Fiverr Marketplace is a very attractive place for online freelancers. Freelancers post on Fiber Marketplace through their service offer, which is called Gig. These gigs sell for a minimum of 5usd to 200+usd. Freelancers build gigs before Fiverr and clients/buyers buy those gigs according to their needs.

The fiverr complete guideline 2022

Basically, all types of work are available on Fiverr. You can work here by learning to work in any one sector. For those who are brand new to the marketplace, it may be a little difficult to get a job, but they can be successful if they have the patience.

Fiverr jobs that are in high demand

Online Marketing, Video and Animation Creating, Professional Article Writing, Image Sketch, Digital Marketing, Logo Design, Web Development, Programming, Graphics Design etc.


Create profiles of freelancers on Fiverr

To create a profile on Fiber, you first need to create an account there. An email address is required to open an account. Email verification is required to confirm the account. When creating an account, you have to fill in the correct information in the Sign-up form. Once the account is confirmed, the profile has to be created properly. You have to write a description in 150-300 words on the subject you are good at.

Then you can select the language that you want to speak or communicate with the client/buyer. Once the user profile is complete, the service gig has to be created. Ideas can be taken by looking at other people’s gigs to make gigs but should not be copied. In this, you can read under the Copyright claim. You will get an idea of ​​many things by looking at the descriptions of other gigs.

Tips for making interesting gigs for newcomers to Fiverr

The gig is a special service offered. In the first case, a gig can be sold to a buyer/client for 5. The buyer/client has to complete the work according to the conditions while making the gig. There are some things to keep in mind to make gigs attractive because if you can make gigs attractive, your demand will be higher. Below are some essentials that will make the gig attractive.


Gig Title

Having a nice gig title will make your offer more acceptable to clients/buyers. The type of service to be provided is specified by Gig Title. That’s why try to make Gig’s title interesting. So that anyone who sees the title will be interested to go inside and read. Be sure to use the search keyword in the title. The same word cannot be used more than once in Gig Title.

Category selection

The category should be selected based on the gig. Category must match Gig. If the category is given, you have to select Sub-Category.

Gig Gallery

You need to upload service related images in Gig Gallery. Some of the images that can be used to attract the attention of a new person can be used. An effective image is better than a thousand sentences. Image Size must be within 5 MB. Gig Gallery uses a minimum of one and a maximum of three images. Images must be 62 pixels wide and 459 pixels high. So be sure to choose the image that you want to add to the offer.


Gig Description

You have to write detailed information about the service in Gig Description. So that after reading a Client / Fire Description, you get a proper idea about the service and get attracted. The description of the service will be read by those who are interested in seeing your gig titles and pictures, then click for more details. So the description should be written in such a way that the client/buyer orders to buy the service after reading it. The better the presentation, the better the chances of a Gig sale.

Use of tags

Use the Service Keyword Tag. The gig is based on a type of work that is based on the type of work to determine five keywords and use at least three keywords. It is very good to use keyword research and tag. This will allow the client/buyer to find the gig easily and the chances of getting order will be very high.

Gig Delivery duration

The gig based on the service is based on how long it will take to complete the service or how long it will take for others to deliver the same service. Duration can be given from 1 to 29 days. Duration is usually given for 1 to 2 days depending on the type of work.


Instructions to Client / Buyer – FAQ

What are the conditions that the client/buyer needs to fulfil in order to take your service – those issues need to be mentioned in the FAQ option. Here you need to specify what you need from the client/buyer to work. For example- Images, usernames, passwords, content etc. The demand of the seller should be mentioned from the buyer so that there is no problem in the next time of delivery, i.e. the client/buyer needs this information to take the service.

Gig video

Adding a gig video increases the chances of it being sold many times over. The video must be based on Gig and must be within a minute or less. The same video can be used in multiple gigs. Then the chances of gig sales will increase many times. It is displayed within 24 hours of attaching the video to Gigi. You can change the video. However, if the video gig is rejected three times in a row, the gig video will never be added again.

Ways to increase gig sales on Fiverr

Fiverr has thousands of gigs on a Topics. That’s why it won’t be easy to find your gig on Fiverr. When a client/buyer comes to Fiber and searches for a service he needs, then the client/buyer takes his service from the gigs that are at the beginning of the search.


The gigs that have more reviews and the gigs that have more visitors are seen at the beginning of the search. In this case, if you optimize the gig a bit, success will be found.

How to Optimize Gig

  • 1. Gig Title should be written in 60-70 words.
  • 2. The original keyword must be placed first in the title.
  • 3. It is better to have the main keyword at least three times in Gig Description.
  • 4. Try using long-tail keywords when writing tags.
  • 5. Adding gig video increases the chances of it being sold many times over.

After optimizing the gig, marketing will get better buyers. That’s why you can do Social Media Marketing, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Video Marketing & Guest Posting. If you can do it all together, you will get good results quickly. If not, do any of these correctly. You will see that the income has started within a week.

Ranking on Fiverr

If your account is active for one month and if you sell ten gigs on Fiber and if you have a good review, then the Fiverr community will take your account “Level-1”. They will give a Level-1 batch to your account. Client/buyer work should not be changed. After getting the job done nicely, send the word document of the client/buyer.


Remember, if the client/buyer is not satisfied with the work, the money for that work will not be available. Therefore you have to work 100% correctly. If you can sell 50 gigs on Fiber and if you have a good review then the Fiverr community will take your account to “Level-2”. They will add a Level-2 batch to your account.

Try to respond quickly to the client/buyer. If the account is active for four months and if you sell 250 gigs on Fiber and have a good review then the Fiverr community will take your account to “Top Level”. They will give a top-level batch to your account.

There is a lot of work to be done at the top level and the value of each job can be set much higher. When working on Fiverr, you have to work patiently in the beginning. Because in the early days of the Fiber Marketplace, your gig may have very few new sales. When you successfully cross one level after another here, it will be very easy to sell gigs.


How to withdraw money from Fiverr

Fiverr is deducted as a charge of one dollar for every 5 dollars, which means if you earn five dollars, you will get four dollars. Money can be withdrawn 15 days after each work is declared complete. In Bangladesh,  money earned from Fiverr through Pioneer debit card can be withdrawn directly through ATM booth. They will charge ড 3.15 per transaction. In addition, the facility of Dollar Withdraw has been introduced directly through the bank since September 2015.

Caution to work on Fiverr

** If you do not submit the work within the specified time after receiving the work order, the account may be suspended.

** If you create your own gig by copying from another gig, that account can be suspended under copyright.


** A PayPal account or a Pioneer account can be a problem if you have more than one FiberRegageStack account.

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Today, everyone will be well and healthy. God bless you.


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