What is the Discord app?

Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video, and text. Talk, chat, hang out, and stay close with your friends and communities.

Today we will try to find out about the Discord app. Almost everyone knows that authorities are currently using this Discord app to communicate with all members. So many may be wondering what is this unfamiliar Discord app? You are eager to know about it. So this post is for them. Discord is actually a popular group chatting app. Which started its journey in 2015. Originally it was made for gamers. Although it was created for gamers to chat about the subject of the game. But now it is also very popular among general users. In addition to authors, various websites and businesses, users now use it on a variety of topics. It gained much popularity, especially during the Corona epidemic. Because during this time people conducted all activities online. It currently has more than 140 million monthly users.

Discord is one of the most popular chatting apps of today. The app can be used on Mac, Windows, iPhone, Linux and Android platforms. It is primarily for group or community or community based messaging. Which are referred to here as “servers”. This server can be further divided into two channels. One is the channel for exchanging messages in text or type. Another is the channel of communication through the use of voice or audio or voice.


Communicate thoughts in written form with each other through text or type or written channel. And through the use of voice or audio or voice, they talk to each other in the form of voice and exchange thoughts.

Each server usually has more than one channel. In which different channels are opened on different topics. As a result, there is a discussion on a specific topic on one channel. This allows users to easily discuss a specific topic. In the app, channels are divided by a specific name with a # symbol. Such as: #general, #notice etc.

On a server’s channel (#general) all members talk about common topics. On the #notice channel, the server authorities publish various notices on server regulations or other matters. This is how specific topics are discussed on different channels of a server. (Those who are already connected to the server. I hope they understand.


Discord has many popular servers on various topics. However, most of these popular servers are based on games. If you want to find a server on any topic then you can take the help of Google Mama. Or you can find the server using Discord’s own search bar search box. Yes, Discord but not all popular servers can track. So with the help of Google Mama, you can get your desired server.

You can use the / giphy and / spoiler commands to add a gif to your message when chatting on any of the discord’s servers. There are also many other types of commands. Which you can understand.

Discord, like other popular chatting apps, has a bot system. Bots that allow you to perform certain tasks on your server automatically. If you want to get the popular bot of Discord, you have to take the help of Google Mama. If you search on Google, a list of many popular bots will appear in front of you. For example, you sends a congratulatory message to a new or newly added member to their server with a bot called Mee6. Which is performed automatically.


You can also add profiles to popular apps like YouTube, Spotify, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, etc. through the Discord app. Like all apps, Discord has a premium system. If you use premium then you can enjoy many more benefits. The name of their premium system is Nitro which by subscribing you can make your profile more beautiful. Get special stickers. You will find many types of emojis. You can boost 2 servers. You can create custom profile badges in your profile status. You can upload any type of file above 100 MB. Get any video in HD resolution. You can communicate over 4000 letters or text messages. You can also connect to over 200 servers.

Discord of the current chatting app has many more types of facilities including the above facilities. Hopefully, those who want to know about Discord or those who are connected to any Discord server. But do not understand anything. This post will be useful to them. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will try to post more about Discord.

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