Make Money with Micro Niche Websites

Make Money with Micro Niche Websites, today many webmasters are earning 5-6 figure income. If you want to Make Money with Micro Niche Websites? can be a good option for you too. Niche Sites are websites that are built under a specific niche and provide you with continuous passive income. Making money from niche sites and products earn a good amount of money from niche sites. It requires your smart work and patience.

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What are Micro Niche Sites?

Micro niche websites are websites built around a particular niche. It can be a problem related to your laptop, disease, medicine or anything around a very narrow niche.


Examples of Micro Niche Sites:

  • BlueHost Coupons
  • Acne and Pimples
  • Winter Coats
  • Cars

Facts about Make Money with Micro Niche:

There are some facts that might seem interesting to you and make you more attracted.

Low cost:

Unlike other income-generating methods, you can set this up at a pretty low cost. The main things you need are web hosting and domain which comes for a cheap amount of money.


Web hosting and domain:

The setup process is comparatively easier and basic knowledge about website’s related stuff might be enough to have a niche website.

Quicker Results:

Building niche websites can provide you with quicker results than any other income method. Just because you are writing on a specific topic, you won’t need much time to produce content and in the same way, they won’t take much time to earn you money.

Totally autopilot feature:

Once you have everything properly set up, this thing is actually totally autopilot. Because a niche website can even run without much supervision, it’s pretty much like an autopilot feature! What’s better than an income source that requires no continuous effort?


Making money is not that easy:

Yes, earning through passive income is not that much easy. You do need some effort, and continuous earning might take years after years.

Limited Earning:

There are many reasons that might attract you to build websites under a niche, and many opposite reasons to stop you from making such a website. Decide on your own, which one you want. I am just providing you with an easy guideline to build a Micro Niche Website.

How to build micro niche sites?

Micro Niche Sites are just like other sites but target a very narrow niche as I have already discussed above. Building a niche website is not hard. All you need to have and do is:

  • Have knowledge of website building, designing and maintenance.
  • Knowing the companies offering affiliate programs.
  • Patience.

And all these skills are pretty much the same as building any regular website. Now let’s have a quick look at the steps to build a Micro Niche Site.

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Steps to Build Micro Niche Sites:

Write down as many micro niche ideas you have in your mind.

Choose a niche site based on low competition, high CPC, high search volume, availability of affiliate products, number of competitors.


Now, after analyzing all the things mentioned in the above steps, go and set up your niche site on WordPress(the most recommended blogging platform).

  • Writing quality rich useful content
  • After having enough content on your niche site, sign up for affiliate programs related to your niche site.
  • Build quality links to your niche to make it rank better in search engine results.

These were some encouraging and discouraging facts about Niche sites along with a quick guide on How to Build a Niche Site to generate income sources.

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